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The Toddler's Pond

The Toddler's Pond has been constructed with the idea of growing independence in mind. Toddler's are now walking on there own, beginning potty training, feeding themselves, and seeing the world in a whole new way. It is important that your toddler has the opportunity to share their ideas to other children as well as concerned adults. We desire to give your child some tools to express their likes and dislikes, their understanding of instructions, and most importantly their personal needs. We know that your child will leap with joy when they see that their home away from home starts here.


You can be sure your toddler will have a fun and interesting day. That is because we believe that PLAY is learning. Social interactions, the two year old mind, and independent movement are just the right ingredients for an active environment. Most children will learn best through hands on experiences and explorations. Playdough, fingerpaints, and stackables are a few examples of the variety of materials that will give your child the daily opportunity to learn and grow.



Toddler's need a safe and routine environment for them to begin to express themselves. Building trust at this stage is very important to each child's ability to communicate. Our teachers seek to meet your child's emotional and cognitive needs, as well as their physical needs. Challenging and age-appropriate manipulatives, puzzles, books, counting, matching, and sorting skills, will help your child begin to work with other children and caregivers to solve obstacles.



The Toddler's Pond is divided into specific sections of play. This allows your child to enjoy different developmental areas in small groups. Some areas such as music, open floor play, dramatic play, and a reading lounge, will help prepare your child for their graduation to our pre-kindergarten room. It also allows the teachers to supervise all the children properly and still teach different developmental concepts at the same time.


Your child will be able to enjoy outdoor play twice daily. As most parents know, the two year old body is just as active as the two year old mind. The opportunity to use their large muscles and release most of their new found energy is important for our toddlers. This exercise also promotes good health and resting habits. We want your toddler to learn and embrace both as they make their splash into Toddler's Pond.