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Our goal for our school age children is to create an enviroment that says "RELAX!" We know our School-age children attend a challenging schedule each day at school. The Fun Zone is designed to allow children the independence of selecting their interests, while also planning challenging club activities that enhance their growth and learning.


The "I'm Here to Help" program allows our children to get assistance on daily homework assignments and projects. Communication between parents and caregivers is very important, so a balance between work completed in the center and at home is a success.


The "Reach Out and Read" program works to peak the children's interest to reading various kinds of materials. The overall center philosophy of TO/WITH/BY pushes for children to be read to, read with, and to read by themselves each day. This program will include a system of rewards and certificates for children's accomplishments, and create new ideas through the world of reading.


This program will offers various activities that children will be able to participate in. Some activities include cooking, creative art, math, board games, and more. We want children to independently select their interests and build better skills through cooperation, creativity, and communication.


Children in the Fun Zone experience outdoor activities that will challenge there competitive side. With plenty of space for football, kickball, volleyball , and dodgeball, your child will work out their muscle and teamwork abilities. Our outdoor playstructures are also designed for a child who enjoys more independent play. We want to give your child tools for healthy habits in life.