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Everyday our professional caregivers are dedicated to providing a new and exciting adventure for your child, that will bring them one step closer to being prepared for kindergarten. The materials used will stimulate your child mentally, physically, and socially. At this stage in growth, cooperative learning is a challenge that many times parents find difficult. We welcome this challenge and believe that as caregivers and children succeed in this challenge, the children become better team players and express themselves in a positive way.


The imaginary world has always been a part of the healthy growing mind of a child. Dress up costumes and role play is a wonderful way for children to express their understanding of the world around them. These family life opportunities promote creativity and loads of fun.


Daily instruction is focused on helping children develop repetitive habits that will be needed in the growing language process. Letter recognition, letter sounds, and word patterns are vital to early language. Your child will enjoy the wonderful world of reading each and every day.


Circle time is important at this stage because it gives our teachers the opportunity to work with small groups. This allows children to learn days, months, weather, time, colors, shapes, patterns, and so much more through these interactive sessions. This is also a great time for parents to come in and share a story or special item with the class.


Play centers have been establish in the room to allow your child to understand choices. These stations allow children to choose their interests at specified times of the day. Sand and water play, blocks and leggos, and an animal center allow children the chance to work cooperatively or individually. The environment alone will have your child excited to hang out in The Treehouse.