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The Little Lamb's

We want your infant to feel right at home. That is why we communicate with parents to identify your infants individual sleep, feeding, and playtime schedules. Then we work to match those patterns to our curriculum, so that a smooth transition from home to daycare can be enjoyed by your child as well as you the parent. Now parents... Isn't that a great feeling?!!!


Physical development and growth is an important part of the infant stage. Gross motor skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, and standing take center stage at this age. Fine motor skills such as hand/eye coordination, grasping, and clapping are also seen developing at this age. Your infant will participate in daily interaction that will help them develop these skills. 


The first three years is the most critical stage of growth for a child's mind. This is the time when your child will be processing the world around them, and expressing their feelings in their own special way. Your child's ability to trust, build confidence, and humorous personality will be developing at this stage. Your child will be read to each day. Music and movement will be a daily event that your child will learn to love. 


The Little Lambs room is the most sensitive one in the building. Making a connection with your child is a priority for our caregivers. At the same time, we are committed to having consistency with our staff. We know the importance of your child being able to be cared for by the same primary caregivers each day. We are also committed to building a great relationship with parents, which we feel will help the children also gain confidence and trust in their new home away from home. We look forward to becoming great friends with our Little Lambs and their families.